Piano Tuition

In summarising my approach to teaching the piano I often resort to quoting Aristotle who wrote “through discipline comes freedom.”   The freedom to express yourself at the piano effectively can only be achieved through supremely disciplined practise.  Progress towards the goal of being an accomplished pianist will stagnate and much of the repertoire will be forever beyond you if you are not willing to undertake an arduous routine of daily exercises that will drive you almost to distraction.  And we must do them again and again, day after day, for as long as we still aspire to call ourselves students of the piano.  Which, I’m afraid, can be quite dull.  So it’s very important to have a teacher who isn’t.


Teaching Pic


When we are not doing boring exercises we will be tackling repertoire that stretches you.  Pieces will be carefully chosen, not because they are next in the book that your last piece was in, but because playing them requires techniques that you need to learn in order to progress.


I teach classical piano and jazz piano.  It’s a good idea to learn both but I don’t insist upon it.  I do insist on a high level of commitment from my students though.


I offer a free consultation which usually lasts half an hour.  Lessons thereafter will last an hour and cost £30.  I teach from my home in Exmouth.


Do feel free to contact me for more information.